I develop and maintain free software in my spare time. Most of the software packages available here are for Apple's Mac OS X operating system. They are distributed as free, open-source software under the terms and conditions of the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License. Some of them are on my GitHub account if you feel like lending a hand.

That being said, if you find my software titles useful, please consider making a donation. I rely on your support in improving them and developing new ones.



Platypus is a developer tool that creates Mac OS X applications from scripts written in interpreted scripting languages. Such scripts can thus be run transparently through the native graphical window environment instead of running through a terminal client.

Download | Source Code | More About Platypus



Sloth is a Mac OS X graphical application frontend for the lsof tool. It displays a list of all open files in use by all the applications your user account is running on the system -- and, optionally, all IP and Unix sockets, character devices and directories, along with their owning applications.

Download | Source Code | More About Sloth



Sentinel is a Mac OS X application which faciliates monitoring and observing command output. By allowing the process output to be monitored with periodic execution, it becomes easy to observe changes over time. In a way, Sentinel is similar to the watch command line program, but includes additional features, such as diff-ing output with previous output and colouring lines of output that have changed.

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dataurlnet thumb

Data URL Toolkit

A collection of open-source programs for working with Data URLs. website


A fast, lightweight Perl-based personal website management system which powers a number of currently active websites, including this one.

More about Mentat


A man page editor for Mac OS X with live-updating preview and syntax coloring.

More about ManDrake


docerator icon I built the Mac OS X user interface for the open-source Python-based Docerator program. Docerator batch-generates filetype-labelled document icons from a single Mac OS X application icon.

Docerator website


osxiconutils is a set of Mac OS X command line utilities for retrieving, setting, converting and working with Mac OS X icons.

More about osxiconutils


Locates all Mac OS X Icons (.icns) on your hard drive, displays them in an image browser view.

Download IconScanner


A silly application which turns your PowerBook or MacBook Pro into a blinking lightshow, using the backlit keyboard and LCD.

More about PowerBlinken


OS X Package

osxutils is a bundle of Mac OS X-specific command line utilities for viewing, editing and manipulating HFS file metadata such as labels, comments, file/creator types, Finder flags etc. osxutils is a collaborative project and is hosted by SourceForge.

SourceForge Project Page | Documentation | osxutils page

Old, obsolete stuff

ManOpen for Intel An extended Intel build of Carl Lindberg's ManOpen, a superior man page viewer. No longer necessary. (OBSOLETE)
Tapir A clever Mac OS X development tool which makes it easy to create your own global status menu items, based on shell commands or scripts. Now no longer maintained.
Vox Machina A GUI for the Mac OS X Speech Synthesizer which can save spoken text as audio. Features lip syncing animations, MP3 encoding and more. Now no longer maintained.
AppHack A developer and theming tool to alter, replace or extract the property lists or icons of Mac OS X application bundles. Now no longer maintained.
Radnor A graphical interface for DOSBox (OBSOLETE, PPC only)
Explicit An application for splitting AVI video files in a variety of formats. Uses the mencoder engine. (OBSOLETE, PPC only)
Leopard MenuHack A hack to remove the translucency of the Mac OS X 10.5 menu bar. (OBSOLETE, now in System Preferences)
'watch' for Mac OS X port of a nifty command line program (OBSOLETE, PPC ONLY)
Betrayal at Krondor a seamlessly integrated Mac OS X package of this game, run in DOS emulation mode (OBSOLETE, PPC only)
xGates Murder a well-known software monopolist with a chainsaw (PPC binary only, Classic and Mac OS X)
MacRPM Utilities A Mac OS Classic program for viewing RedHat Package Manager package contents and extracting files from them. (OBSOLETE, CLASSIC OS ONLY)