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This is ancient software, written in the days of Mac OS 8. Needless to say, Mac OS X is a powerful, modern UNIX system. If you need to deal with RPM files, just install rpm

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MacRPM Utilities is a suite of applications for Classic Mac OS to get information and extract files from Red Hat Package Manager files. It was written with dual Linux/MacOS users in mind.

The MacRPM application can currently display information about RPM packages much like the rpm2html generator. In addition, MacRPM can extract the gunzipped CPIO archives from the packages.

Although MacRPM itself does not posess the capabilities of decompressing gunzip archives (see TODO file), it is simple to do so with any number of utilities for the platform (f.e. Stuffit Expander or MacGzip). Once the gunzipped CPIO archive has been decompressed, it can be opened with MacCPIO, MacRPM's helper utility. MacCPIO allows you to extract individual files from the archive.

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At present, MacCPIO has some limitations. The memory-handling system is very inefficient.

I've done my best to make these programs adhere to the user interface guidelines set down for the MacOS by Apple. They utilize the AppearanceLib and the NavigationLib and are therefore unable to run on system software prior to MacOS 8.1. As of version 1.3, MacCPIO requires MacOS 8.5 or later. I don't have access to older versions of the MacOS so I've only tested them in MacOS 9.1/9.2. It is possible that there are problems with other setups.

In the spirit of the times, the MacRPM Utilities source code and artwork were released under the terms of the GNU General Public License as defined by the Free Software Foundation. The license should accompany any redistribution of this application.


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