UPDATE 2007: Tapir is no longer under active development and will not be updated to run on Intel Macs in the foreseeable future. Its functionality has been partially incorporated into Platypus, which now has a "Status Menu" output option.

That being said, I'm no longer interested in maintaining it so I'm making it open-source and giving away the registration key:

Name: Free Tapir User
Serial: WI557-5G2I-LJ5I

The Tapir source hasn't been updated or compiled since Mac OS X 10.4.

Tapir Source Code ~500KB

Tapir is a developer tool for creating global Mac OS X status menu item applications to place in the menu bar. These status menu items can be set to execute a shell command or script and display its output when opened, or alternately, configured to run a given command periodically, displaying output in the menu title.

Tapir sports a number of useful and easy-to-use features, such as:

  • A simple graphical interface for configuring status menu item application
  • Control over menu font, size, title, format and/or icon
  • Settings for task timeout and execution interval
  • Configurable actions to perform on menu item selection
  • Script or command execution upon the selection of a given menu item

Creating menu items that display disk space usage, processes, CPU load, date, time and similar information is extremely easy using Tapir. However, given a little knowledge of scripting or programming, it is possibly to develop highly useful, native menu applications in a matter of minutes.

To see what Tapir is capable of, you can take a quick look at some screenshots of the Tapir interface and of menu applications created with Tapir.

Tapir Icon

The current version is Tapir 1.0. It requires MacOS X 10.3 or later.

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For help with Tapir development, please see the Tapir documentation.