Virtuous novels and an enormous body count

12.8.2020 kl. 19:19 - Sveinbjörn Þórðarson
"They’re looking for the wrong thing. They’re sniffing for depictions of immorality, when they should be scanning the silences, the evasions. There’s a very naïve theory of language at work here, roughly: “if people speak nicely, they’ll act nicely” — with the fatuous corollary, “If people mention bad things, they must like bad things.” The simplest refutation of that is two words: Victorian Britain. Victorian Britain carried out several of the biggest genocides in human history. It was also a high point of virtuous literature. Because they were smart about language. They didn’t rant about the evil of their victims or gloat about massacring them, at least not in their public writings. They wrote virtuous novels, virtuous poems. And left a body count which may well end up the biggest in world history."

Good stuff from the War Nerd, well worth the read.