Poor ol' Britain

14.3.2019 kl. 21:32 - Sveinbjörn Þórðarson

I can't help but feel sorry for our British cousins. We Icelanders like to think we have it bad with our rotten Independence Party, but those guys are rank amateurs at sheer evil compared to the Tories. The British Conservative Party is quite possibly the vilest assortment of morally bankrupt elitists in all of Western Europe. I honestly wouldn't raise an eyebrow if someone were to demonstrate to me beyond a doubt that the lot of them enjoyed mutilating little kittens for fun.

Just as we Icelanders are stuck with our horrid conservatives, the British people are stuck with the Tories. The difference is that we Icelanders might - just might - someday get rid of our right-wing parasites. The British, however, will never shake off the Tories. Stockholm syndrome. They're just too much in love with being slaves to their "betters." They should have had a great big revolution in the 18th century like the French and beheaded all their rotten clergy and aristocrats.

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