Curriculum Vitae


Hello, random internet guest. My name is Sveinbjörn Þórðarson, or alternatively, Sveinbjorn Thordarson, if you have an aversion to perfectly decent non-ASCII orthography.

I am an Icelander by birth and citizenship, currently living in Reykjavík, Iceland. My formal education was largely in philosophy, history and languages, but I am also an experienced software developer.

I currently work as a software developer at Miðeind ehf. I am also involved in various open-source projects.

In my spare time I read books, play musical instruments, travel around the world, and generally have a pretty good time. I have hitherto spent a considerable part of my life living outside my homeland, mostly in Britain and Denmark.


Employment history


I have a wide range of academic interests, amongst them European political, social and intellectual history, political and moral philosophy, and the philosophical foundations of natural and social science.


I lived in Denmark for 5 years and in the United Kingdom for about 6 years. I speak both Danish and English fluently, in addition to my native Icelandic. I can also more or less read and comprehend the other Scandinavian languages. I am able to read and understand quite a bit of German and French, but I struggle to keep up conversation in these languages, especially French.

IT Skills

The Mac is my current client platform of choice, but I am comfortable in any half-decent Unix environment. My professional experience is wide and includes back-end database programming, web programming, Unix software development and macOS / iOS programming. I am a fast learner, quick to pick up new languages, APIs and fields of software development.

In general, I would describe myself as a careful and meticulous programmer. I like to think the quality of my software speaks for itself. I am equally at ease with object-oriented and procedural programming. I like lean, mean, well-commented code and I hate software bloat.

Open Source

I have worked as a pro bono open-source software developer from 2002 to the present day.

My most popular piece of software, Platypus has been downloaded over a million times since it was first released in 2003. Platypus has also been an Editor's Pick in Mac World magazine and was an Apple Staff Pick back in the days before the Mac App Store. You can find some effusive praise for it on MacUpdate.

See my GitHub page for further details.

Translation & Editing

I have worked intermittently as a freelance translator and editor since 2005. I typically translate from Icelandic to English or vice versa, and occasionally I edit advanced English texts.

My clients have hitherto mostly been translation agencies such as Robertson Languages, Park IP Translation and Day Translations. My forte is translating Icelandic into English, but I am also a skilled English-to-Icelandic translator and a highly capable editor of English prose.

I mostly translate and edit documents of a technical, academic or commercial nature, but in the past I've translated poetry and prose literature for the Reykjavík Literary Festival. Other clients include the University of Iceland's Science Web and its departments of social sciences and humanities.

For details, see my translation page.




I play the following instruments (in order of proficiency):

I have flirted with composition over the years, composing music for the iPhone game Pizarro. I am also sitting on a small portfolio of hitherto unreleased instrumental compositions. I am mostly self-taught musically, and most of all I like playing the blues. I also sing (badly), when sufficiently drunk.

Other hobbies


References from former clients, employers and academic colleagues are available on request.