Speaking of Apple's declining software quality...

1.6.2018 kl. 13:01 - Sveinbjörn Þórðarson

Software quality on the Mac is going to the dogs. Some basic stuff we've become used to working over the last 15 years is now broken.

  • Try dragging a photo from Photos on to the Preview app icon in the Dock. You'd expect Preview to open a copy of the image. Doesn't fucking happen. Come on, guys! iPhoto did this right back in the early 2000s. Just one of many horrible bugs in the disaster that is Photos.
  • Try searching for something in Mail.app, select the email, then hide the application and go do something else for a while. When you bring Mail to the foreground again, your search and selection have both been lost. Absolutely unacceptable.
  • Mail doesn't work properly with Gmail anymore. Unable to remember the Gmail password so I have to type it in every time I quit and re-open Mail, or put the computer to sleep. Yikes! This is a serious problem. Almost everybody uses Gmail.
  • Mail's message count can no longer be relied on. Sometimes, the only way to fix an erroneous message count in the Dock icon is to restart the app. That's amateurish. This kind of stuff matter.

But not just the Mac, iOS too. My pet peeve is the following:

  • Try listening to some lengthy song in the Music app on iOS. Now switch over to another app for a while, do something else, and then return to the Music app. You'll find that if it's been auto-terminated in the background, it doesn't fucking restore the song you were listening to, or your position within the song. REALLY annoying if you've paused in the middle of long audio files, e.g. podcasts, audio recordings, und so weiter.

It may be time to switch. But it's not like graphical software quality and UI consistency on Linux or Android is anything to write home about.