xGates is an outrageously bloody action game that pits you and your trusty chainsaw against the evil forces of corporate monopolist tyranny. Bill is the owner of a powerful software company known for its monopolistic and predatory business practices, not to mention its ruthless extermination of competitors. Now Bill has ported his market-dominant operating system to the Mac in an attempt to wipe out the last remaining obstacle between him and COMPLETE WORLD DOMINATION!

Bill will attempt to replace the MacOS system on the world's various Macs with his own twisted derivative. Only YOU and your trusty CHAINSAW can prevent Bill from achieving his megalomaniacal goal.


MacOS Classic (8.1 or later with CarbonLib 1.2 and DrawSprockets)
OR MacOS X 10.1 or later.

Download xGates

xGates 1.3

xGates 1.3 for MacOS Classic and MacOS X

xGates 1.3 Source Code (MW CodeWarrior 8)

xGates Splash Screen

xGates Screenshot

xgates chainsaw corpose

xgates holding head