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macOS speech recognition and dictation via the command line

hear is a command line interface for the built-in speech recognition capabilities in macOS. This makes it possible to transcribe spoken audio input or entire audio files.

Apple's macOS has long shipped with the say tool, a command line interface for the operating system's venerable speech synthesis capabilities. As of 10.15 "Catalina", it also ships with highly capable speech recognition for a variety of languages. This project is an attempt to provide a robust CLI for this functionality since no such tool is provided by Apple. hear supports speech recognition of both microphone input and audio files in a variety of formats.


hear is free, open source software. The source code is freely available on GitHub under a BSD license. If you find this program useful, please make a donation.

The man page is available online.


After downloading and expanding the archive, change to the resulting directory and run the following command: ```bash install.sh

This will install the binary into /usr/local/bin and the man page into /usr/local/share/man/man1.