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FastDMG is a free macOS utility to mount .dmg and other disk images quickly, without any unneeded nonsense. It is a very fast and reliable alternative to Apple's annoying DiskImageMounter.


FastDMG is actually a minimal wrapper around the hdiutil command line tool that ships with macOS and therefore uses Apple's private DiskImages framework indirectly. I've personally used it for many years and it works really well. It is free, open source software and has a home on GitHub. If you like it, feel free to make a donation.


How to use

FastDMG will then take care of mounting .dmg disk images when they're opened in the Finder. You can do the same for .iso, .toast and any other disk images supported by FastDMG.

Version History

1.0.1 - 07/04/2019
1.0 - 23/05/2018