Leopard MenuHack

This utility is now useless since Apple has created an option in the system preferences to disable the translucent menu bar.

Leopard MenuHack is an application that allows you to circumvent the ugly transparency in the Leopard menu bar by creating a modified copy of your background image, backing the transparent menu bar with a colour of your choice. This effectively allows you to control the colour shading of the menu bar.

Leopard MenuHack only affects the main display, and leaves your original background image files untouched. It automatically scales the image you select to the resolution of your screen. If you change your screen resolution after using Leopard MenuHack, you will need to run the program again to update for the new settings.

Using the program should be straightforward and self-explanatory. I do not plan to add any further features to this program.

Leopard MenuHack leaves no processes running in the background and makes no changes to the functionality of your system. It just creates a modified version of an image of your choice and sets that image as the desktop image.

Leopard MenuHack and its source code is provided under the terms and conditions of the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License.

leopard menuhack

The latest version is Leopard MenuHack 1.1. It obviously requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later in order to run, and is provided as a Universal Binary. .

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