osxutils Documentation

osxutils is a bundle of Mac OS X command line utilities that bring power over all sorts of Mac-specific information, settings and meta-data to the command line. osxutils contains the following command line utilities:

cpath copies current working directory to the clipboard man page (PDF)
getfcomment print out the Mac OS comment of a given file man page (PDF)
geticon extract the icon of a file as an image man page (PDF)
google search Google for arguments in your default browser man page (PDF)
hfsdata get various HFS- or Mac-specific meta-data for a file man page (PDF)
lsmac get directory listing with Mac meta-data shown man page (PDF)
mkalias create Mac OS Finder aliases man page (PDF)
rcmac recursively descend into directories and list files like lsmac man page (PDF)
setfcomment set the Mac OS comment of a file man page (PDF)
setfctypes set heritage Mac OS File Type or Creator of a file man page (PDF)
setfflags set the Finder flags of a file man page (PDF)
seticon set the Mac OS Icon of a file man page (PDF)
setlabel set the Mac OS Finder Label of a file man page (PDF)
setsuffix batch modify file suffices man page (PDF)
setvolume alter global Mac system volume man page (PDF)
trash move a given file to the Trash man page (PDF)
wiki search Wikipedia for some words via default browser man page (PDF)
wsupdate update the Finder filesystem display man page (PDF)