7.7.2012 kl. 12:38


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Brynjar | 8.7.2012 kl. 16:29

Sweetheart, we've been through this a million times.
You'd hate it on Mars.
It's dry, it's ugly, it's boring!
I mean, really, a revolution could break out there any minute.

Sveinbjörn | 8.7.2012 kl. 17:53

"Now this is the plan. Get your ass to Mars. Then go the Hilton and flash the Brubaker I.D. at the desk. That's all there is to it. Just do what I tell you, and we can nail that sonovabitch who fucked you and me and millions of other poor bastards here on Mars.  I'm counting on you, buddy. Don't let me down."