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Gegnum Leiter Reports bloggið:

Ég er búinn að vera að skellihlæja yfir þessum bókadómi um The Meaning of Disgust eftir heimspekinginn Colin McGinn. McGinn hefur beint heimspekilegum kröftum sínum á viðbjóðshugtakið, en gagnrýnandinn Nina Strohminger er lítt hrifinn af niðurstöðunni. Smá sýnishorn af umfjöllun hennar um bókina:

Rather than seeing necrophilia and coprophagia as dysfunctional because it exposes the would-be sybarite to pathogens, McGinn suggests that these activities could be problematic because they are not “conducive to psychological wellbeing.”


At times, McGinn seems aware of the improbability (or “boldness”) of his claims. He assures us that he puts this theory forward only because “I know of no other theory of the origin and function of disgust that seems to me even remotely plausible.” In a book with all of fourteen citations, only one of them written by a scientist active in the last century (Paul Rozin), it’s little wonder that McGinn is so flummoxed.

Another property of the book, of which potential readers should be aware, is its unintentional hilarity. The humor derives less from the unblushing content than from the unblushing purpleness of his prose. Of the male genitalia, McGinn writes: “Life and death co-exist in complex and subtle ways in the penis and testicles, telling a story of triumph and tragedy.” On feces: “I have no wish to romanticize the turd.” Pubic hair is referred to as “nature’s furry bounty.” Semen is a “pointless sticky daub once it is spilled on the ground, only to be consumed there by unfussy insects or whatever.”

In pursuit of a grand unifying theory, Freud saw phalluses everywhere; McGinn sees only crap. Snakes, being dun-colored and slithery, are deemed unmistakably poop-like. The brain “resembles nothing so much as a mound of dung”, a proclamation that forces us to ask whether McGinn has ever actually seen a brain. “The rectum is a grave [obviously!]... but is the grave also a rectum, with corpses featuring as large turds?” These are the questions McGinn is not afraid to ask, not that the answers could be anything other than nonsense.

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Sindri | 8.5.2012 kl. 11:05

Vá, þetta er nú meira krappið.

Lokaorðin einnig nokkuð góð:

“Who can deny the
mood-destroying effect of an errant flatus just at the
moment of erotic fervor?” he writes. McGinn’s book
is just such a flatus, threatening to spoil an exciting intellectual moment for the rest of us. Sometimes with
books, as with farts, it’s better to just hold it in.

Sveinbjörn | 8.5.2012 kl. 12:57

Hahaha, lítur út fyrir að McGinn sé "giving as good as he gets."


Freyr | 8.5.2012 kl. 14:49

And I say unto you, He who smelt it...

Sveinbjörn | 8.5.2012 kl. 14:56

“I have no wish to romanticize the turd.”

Mögulega besta setning allra tíma.

Einar Jón | 10.5.2012 kl. 15:01
Einar Jón

Engage in coprophagia and expire
hljómar vissulega betur en eat shit and die