1.3.2012 kl. 01:21

Úr þessari athugasemd á Slashdot:

And from the point of view of virtually every government, no matter how "benign" it may appear, the Internet is most certainly broken. Why? Because they cannot easily control it, control the content on it, or control what the people using it see and say. This impacts their ability to govern the way they would like to (and the way they used to) by feeding an official line to the media and have it echoed into every home and automobile, often without much question.

What humanity sees as a working, functioning internet that has democratized information and allowed an unprecedented level of collaboration, cooperation, and exchange of ideas, our governments one and all see as their biggest threat. What better way to reign [sic] in that threat than to turn control over to the UN, then agree by treaty how it is to be "governend". What they tried with SOPA and ACTA they'll be able to easily achieve through a simple UN governance mandate.

It ain't paranoia if they're really out to get you.

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Eiki | 1.3.2012 kl. 12:43

Molaskrifari myndi vilja loka internetinu þar til fólk lærir muninn á "rein" og "reign".


Eiður Svanberg Guðnas...

ég meina,


Arnaldur | 1.3.2012 kl. 14:56

Purple reign... purple reign...