23.12.2011 kl. 05:08

Rakst á þetta viðtal við Peter Boghossian í gegnum Leiter Reports:

... Professor Boghossian of Portland State University (Oregon) sketches his position that professors should have a primary goal of changing students beliefs if those beliefs are false and seek to replace those beliefs with true ones. He asks, “Should professors attempt to change students’ beliefs by consistently challenging false beliefs with facts?” ... [and responds] “I believe our role as educators should be to teach students not just factual data, but the importance of critically examining beliefs by exposing them to facts, and then revising cherished notions when confronted with reliable but discomforting evidence.”[ed.] He subsequently gave a talk ... arguing that faith is a cognitive sickness and should be given no countenance in the classroom.

Þetta er eitthvað sem gleymist allt of oft: Það er ekki hægt að kenna mönnum að hugsa vel án þess að órökstudda kjaftæðið sem þeir trúa verði fyrir árás.

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