19.12.2011 kl. 23:35

Vá, frumleg og innsæisrík röksemdafærsla gegn lágmarksríki Nozicks:

Finally [...] the elaborate calculations implied by Nozick's theory of compensation presuppose an extremely advanced stage of social, economic and political integration. To take a relatively simple example, consider the degree of bureaucratization of medicine that must come into being in order to generate usable statistics on the relationship between heart disease and air pollution. One cannot even raise the question of "compensating" someone for having inflicted on him an increased risk of heart disease unless one has data of this sort, and the collection of such data requires a very advanced stage of social integration. The invasion of privacy, de jure or de facto, required by that stage of social integration, is precisely the evil that Nozick seeks to rule out. Merely in order to calculate what it owed in compensation to nonclients, the dominant protective association would have to do most of the snooping and prying and standardizing and regulating that is now carried on by the modern welfare state. The only difference between the two, as far as I can see, is that after inflicting itself on all of us, as the state now does, Nozick's state-like entity would be uncommonly niggardly when it came to distributing benefits.

Þetta er úr greininni Robert Nozick's Derivation of the Minimal State eftir Robert Paul Wolff. Frábær grein. Ég myndi segja að þessi grein, ásamt bók Jonathans Wolff, afgreiði frjálshyggjustjórnspeki Nozicks á nokkuð afgerandi hátt.

Wolff og Wolff, skemmtileg tilviljun, það.

Eftirfarandi úr grein hins fyrrnefnda hittir naglann á höfuðið um allt sem er Anarchy, State and Utopia sem heimspekiverki:

The real problem -- indeed, the underlying problem with all of Anarchy, State and Utopia -- is Nozick's persistent failure to take account of the nature of social reality. Nozick's models, methods and arguments all treat social relationships as transparent rather than as opaque. He portrays social interactions as marginal to the existence, integrity and coherent identity of the individuals who participate in them, rather than as central and constitutive.[1]

Ef bara heimspekilegir og röklegir sigrar hefðu eitthvað að segja í "alvöru heiminum".

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Arnaldur | 21.12.2011 kl. 12:17

Og svo ertu nýlega búinn að gera Woolf-report að umfjöllunarefni hérna. Hvar endar þetta?