28.9.2011 kl. 22:00

Úr bitrum leiðara í Spiked um ástandið á breska verkamannaflokksins:

Yet no amount of Terry Pratchett-style fantasy lingo can disguise the fact that, in truth, Labour no longer has a soul. If a party’s soul is a fusion of its ideology and its constituency, of its beliefs and its success in getting people to back those beliefs, then Labour’s is as withered as Sarah Teather’s career in comedy. Labour is a hollowed-out shell of an institution, having jettisoned the ideas it was set up to promote and having lost, over the past three decades, the keen backing of its original constituency: the working classes. Indeed, the current scrapping between various party cliques and personality sects speaks to the soullessness of Labour - the shallowness and ugliness of these spats are a result of the fact that there is no soul to battle over, only positions of influence in a middle-class PR machine masquerading as a party, only jobs, status, perks. This is not battle over a soul - it’s a catfight to colonise and puppeteer the carcass of a long-croaked party.

Hafandi fylgst með pólitíkinni í Bretlandi um árabil get ég geti alveg tekið undir þetta.

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Freyr | 29.9.2011 kl. 09:34

Er þetta samt ekki soldið case-ið með vinstri flokka almennt í dag? Eru í tilvistarkreppur og alveg úr touch við sína orginal constituents. Eru frekar flokkar mennta- og ríkisstarfsmanna.

Yst til vinstri eru síðan quirky minnihlutahópar sem eiga ekkert sameiginlegt fyrir utan andúð á markaðhagkerfinu og nútímanum(modernity).