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From The Living Races of Mankind. A Popular Illustrated Account of the Customs, Habits, Pursuits, Feats & Ceremonies of the Races of Mankind throughout the World (circa 1900):

In physical characteristics [the Icelander] does not compare favourably with his fellow Scandinavians.

The stony stare has caused the women to be described as generally ill-featured.

....[Icelanders] have thick, clumsy bodies, apparently too long and heavy for the legs...

...the eye ... is nearly always hard, cold and expressionless.

...exempt from most vices, except the national failing -- drink.

...their directness in criticising and ridiculing other people's weaknesses ... has created an impression that they are boorish and ill-natured.

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Magnús Magnússon | 10.2.2010 kl. 04:01
Magnús Magnússon

Spot on...

Arnaldur | 10.2.2010 kl. 10:07

Sveinbjörn... Þetta er feckin' snilld!

Grétar Amazeen | 10.2.2010 kl. 10:40
Grétar Amazeen

Síðasta kvótið er náttúrlega epík!

Þórir Hrafn | 10.2.2010 kl. 11:41
Þórir Hrafn

It isn’t that I’m profoundly sad, it is just that my people are nordic.

Hákon Atli | 10.2.2010 kl. 18:09
Hákon Atli

Bwahahaha :Þ

Sveinbjörn | 13.2.2010 kl. 13:40

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