21.10.2009 kl. 20:45

Thomas L. Friedman er svo hallærislegur. Það fór um mig kjánahrollur þegar ég las eftirfarandi í umfjöllun um bókina hans Hot, Flat and Crowded í Guardian:

Friedman's discussion of the environmental challenges facing the world contains valuable insights. Yet in the context of the book as a whole, these insights are almost inadvertent. Hot, Flat and Crowded is only incidentally about the environment. As is always the case with Friedman, its real subject is not the world, but America. The concluding paragraph is toe curling in its parochialism: 'We need to redefine green and rediscover America and in so doing rediscover ourselves and what it means to be Americans. We are all Pilgrims again. We are all sailing on the Mayflower anew.'

An Americo-centric perspective of this kind might have made some sense 20 years ago. In today's world, where the US is a tottering power, it is comically deluded. It is not America that will decisively shape the global response to climate change and energy crisis. It is emerging nations, above all China, which is definitely not sailing on the Mayflower.

Þetta er úr þessari grein.

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Grétar | 25.10.2009 kl. 03:24

"The moon belongs to America..."