24.9.2009 kl. 04:01

Prinsinn eftir Machiavelli er frábær bók, stútfull af djúsí dæmisögum:

Once Duke Cesare Borgia had taken over Romagna, he found it had been commanded by impotent lords, who had been readier to despoil their subjects than to correct them, and had given their subjects matter for disunion, not for union. Since that province was full of robberies, quarrels, and every other kind of insolence, he judged it necessary to give it good government, if he wanted to reduce it to peace and obedience to a kingly arm. So he put there Remirro de Orco, a cruel and ready man, to whom he gave the fullest power. In a short time Remirro reduced it to peace and unity, with the very greatest reputation for himself. Then the duke judged that such excessive authority was not necessary, because he feared that it might become hateful; and he set up a civil court in the middle of the province, with a most excellent president, where each city had its advocate. And because he knew that past rigors had generated some hatred for Remirro, to purge the spirits of that people and to gain them entirely to himself, he wished to show that if any cruelty had been committed, this had not come from him but from the harsh nature of his minister. And having seized this opportunity, he had him placed one morning in the piazza at Cesena in two pieces, with a piece of wood and a bloody knife beside him. The ferocity of this spectacle left the people at once satisfied and stupefied.

Unaðslega kaldrifjað.

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Níels | 24.9.2009 kl. 15:39

En hvað fór þá úrskeiðis í Írak?

Sveinbjörn | 24.9.2009 kl. 19:26

Góð spurning.

Ætli þeir hafi ekki beðið of lengi með að drepa Hussein.