10.9.2009 kl. 00:25

Academic jokes, though, typically don't travel very well. ... The one exception - and here I know I am taking a risk - may have been the late Columbia University professor of philosophy Sidney Morgenbesser.

A distinguished visiting speaker offered the view that "in some natural languages, a double negative is a positive, and in others it is a negative; but in no natural language is a double positive a negative".

"Yeah, yeah," responded Morgenbesser from the back.

-- The Guardian, Jonathan Wolff on the academic's sense of humour

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Sindri | 10.9.2009 kl. 08:03


Grétar | 10.9.2009 kl. 21:26

Vel gert.

Aðalsteinn | 11.9.2009 kl. 19:50

Hahaha, it's funny cuz it's true!

Arnaldur | 14.9.2009 kl. 08:36

Þetta er frábært. Hahaha...

Niels | 17.9.2009 kl. 21:10

"ja ja" á þýsku þýðir víst sjúgðu á mér tittlinginn.