16.7.2009 kl. 20:14

1762, said to be an allusion to John Montagu (1718-92), Fourth Earl Sandwich, who was said to be an inveterate gambler who ate slices of cold meat between bread at the gaming table during marathon sessions rather than get up for a proper meal (this account dates to 1770) ... family name is from the place in Kent, O.E. Sandwicæ, lit. "sandy harbor (or trading center)." (EtymOnline.com)

Samlokujarlinn var einmitt sá hinn sami og var tekinn í bakaríið af John Wilkes:

Earl of Sandwich: "'Pon my honor, Wilkes, I don't know whether you'll die on the gallows or of the pox."

John Wilkes: "That must depend, my lord, upon whether I first embrace your lordship's principles or your lordship's mistresses."

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Grétar | 17.7.2009 kl. 14:12

Snap bitch!!

Sveinbjörn | 17.7.2009 kl. 14:22

Fáránlega snappeh