Úr upprunalega Dr. Strangelove handritinu, þar sem Dr. Merkwurdichliebe heitir Von Klutz:

                        VON KLUTZ
                 (wiping his steel-rimmed
             Mister President, I would not rule out the
             chance to preserve a nucleus of human
             specimens, at the bottom shafts of some
             of our deepest mines.

                       PRESIDENT MUFFLEY
             At the bottom of mines?

                       VON KLUTZ
                 (carefully putting on glasses)
             Yes.  The radioactivity could not penetrate
             a mine some thousands of feet deep.

     The PRESIDENT looks blankly at VON KLUTZ.

                       VON KLUTZ
             In a matter of weeks, sufficient improvements
             for a dwelling space could be provided.

                       PRESIDENT MUFFLEY
             But they couldn't come out for a hundred

                       VON KLUTZ
                 (smiling wisely)
             Mister President, man is an amazingly adaptable
             creature.  After all, the conditions would be
             far superior to those, say, of the Nazi concentration
             camps, where there is ample evidence most of the
             wretched creatures clung desperately to life.

Þessi síðasta -- afskaplega fyndna -- setning var klippt úr myndinni.

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Sindri | 3.12.2008 kl. 15:29

Haha. Afhverju þarf alltaf að klippa það besta út?

Sindri | 3.12.2008 kl. 15:43

...en þetta er samt sem áður brilliant mynd. Án efa ein af bestu grínmyndum sem ég hef séð.

Sveinbjörn | 3.12.2008 kl. 16:34

Klárlega ein besta grínmynd allra tíma.