18.6.2008 kl. 09:17

Athyglisverð grein um höfundarétt eftir gaurinn sem rekur The Pirate Bay torrent síðuna.

The real dispute, once again, is not between proponents and opponents of copyright as a whole. It is between believers and non-believers. Believers in copyright keep dreaming about building a digital simulation of a 20th-century copyright economy, based on scarcity and with distinct limits between broadcasting and unit sales.


Creative practices, with some exceptions, thrive in economies where digital abundance is connected to scarce qualities in space and time. But there can never be a question of finding one universal business model for a world without copyright. The more urgent question regards what price we will have to pay for upholding the phantasm of universal copyright.

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Arnaldur | 20.6.2008 kl. 14:57

Þetta er frábær grein. Virkilega vel skrifuð.