14.6.2007 kl. 02:46
"The modern State is a body of intellectuals, which is invested with privileges, and which possesses means of the kind called political for defending itself against the attacks made on it by other groups of intellectuals, eager to possess the profits of public employment. Parties are constituted in order to acquire the conquest of these employments, and they are analogous to the State" -- Georges Sorel, La Décomposition du Marxisme

Úff...meingölluð greining. Ég myndi strax telja það miklar framfarir ef íslenska ríkið samanstæði af "a body of intellectuals."

Það er hins vegar enginn skortur á liði sem er "eager to possess the profits of public employment"...

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Arnaldur | 19.6.2007 kl. 15:09

Já dáldið vafasamt að draga intellectuals inn í þetta. Annars nokkuð spot on. M.ö.o:

The modern state is a watered-out form of aristocracy wherein a bunch of wankers hand out tax-payer money to their wankerish friends. In order to do so they form cabals to defend their own free-loading.

Sveinbjörn | 19.6.2007 kl. 15:47

Vá, Arnaldur. Þessi umorðun þín er ekkert smá fín.