14.5.2007 kl. 14:49

"Men, whose essence [...] is to be active beings, are perpetually menaced by two equally fatal dangers: a Scylla and a Charybdis. Scylla is weariness, the loss of nerve, decadence, when men relax from effort, return to the fleshpots, or else fall into quietism and become the victims of the trickery of the clever operators who destroy all honour, energy, integrity, independence, and substitute the rule of cunning and fraud, the dead hand of bureaucracy, laws that can be turned to their advantage by unscrupulous operators, aided and abetted by an army of experts -- prostitutes and lackeys of those in power, or idle entertainers and sycophantic parasites, [...] burgeois who aspire to ape the tastes of an idle and pleasure-loving nobility. Charybdis is the despotism of fanatical theorists -- the bloodthirsty frenzy of an optimist maddened by sudden resistance to his plans, who is ready to butcher the present to create the happiness of the future on its bones."

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Arnaldur | 15.5.2007 kl. 22:12

Menn svolítið duglegir að lesa?

Sveinbjörn | 15.5.2007 kl. 22:34