8.5.2007 kl. 22:19

Fyrir ekki svo löngu síðan var ég spurðu um af hverju ég hefði áhuga á að sérhæfa mig í sögu 18. aldarinnar í Evrópu. Ég held að ég geti ekki orðað betur heldur en meistarinn Isaiah Berlin:

The view that variety is desirable, whereas uniformity is monotonous, dreary, dull, a fetter upon the freely-ranging human spirit, in sharp contrast with the traditional view that truth is one, error many; the notion of toleration, not as a utlitarian expedient to avoid destructive strife, but as an intrinsic value; the concepts of liberty and human rights as they are discussed today; the notion of genius as the defiance of rules by the untrammelled will, contemptuous of the restraint of reason at any level -- all these are elements in a great mutation in western thought and feeling that took place in the eighteenth century, the consequences of which appear in various counter-revolutions all too obvious in every sphere of life today.