23.1.2007 kl. 16:26
MARK: Sophie was going to come down over the weekend.  
She wants to, you see, there's just this thing...
JEREMY: Yeah.  Sounds important.
MARK: What am I going to do, Jez?!  Feels like she's 
slipping through my fingers.
JEREMY:  Have you told her you love her?
MARK: Are you kidding?  That's like firing first in a 
duel: if you miss you're fucked!
JEREMY: No, mate.  Saying "I love you" puts you in the 
driving seat.  Sometimes I tell them I love them early on, 
on the first date, just to get things off to a good start.
MARK: Doesn't that...devalue it a bit?
JEREMY: No... Maybe ...a bit?  Who cares?  It works.

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Halldór Eldjárn | 23.1.2007 kl. 16:29
Halldór Eldjárn

Og líka " Sophie.. I was wonderin' "