11.10.2006 kl. 00:14

Osama bin Laden er Goldstein okkar tíma.

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Arnaldur | 11.10.2006 kl. 15:39

Já, og Goldstein er Osama þeirra tíma.

Charlie | 11.10.2006 kl. 15:55

Has your LSE course of Double-think encouraged you to engage in thought-crimes already?
As long as you remember that 2+2=5 and HAS ALWAYS BEEN FIVE.
Joking aside you have a good point. You should read "Al-Qaeda-The true story of radical islam". By Jason Burke. He's British and he's not even remotely anti Islamic. The only book all the experts can agree is accurate. Apart from the obvious stuff (such as the name "Al Qaeda"being invented by sloppy Western journalists,used by the US admin,then lastly adopted by the Islamic militants themselves) its great because it explains so much using common sence i.e.- What hold does Osama really have over "cells" and other Islamic militants given that most of these groups cannot stand each other and have totally opposing aims. (as well as contempt for osama himself). The idea they all sit down and listen to the great man speak is hilarious! Given half a chance these hardmen Islamic types would wipe their arses on his beard. Only the very young (stupid) radicals really think they are working for him and thats only because its easier to get some retarded young millitant to sacrifice themselves for "Mr.Osama" than for "Uncle Ali who runs the mini-cab office"
As in "1984" the 'hate and fear' figure is much more useful/dangerous as a myth than as an actual prisoner in detention.Once detained this would actually be negative for the Bush administration as its not really 'relief and safety' they want the US public to feel. Fear is much more useful for where they want to go. New World Order satanistic bla bla bla...........................
Oh by the way Hows it going in 'ol London town?

Here's a funny one- in your part of town (City Road next to liverpool st .Station) me and a friend were walking on sept 11th 2002. It was rumoured that 'something may happen'' in that area given that a bunch of scumbags were plastering "911 celebration" stickers around town although it was quiet and we didnt notice anything strange- That is until I looked up at the building tops to see police snipers positioned EVERYWHERE! then I started to notice all sorts of cops with what looked like 'golfing' bags on their backs.
All the best Sveinbjorn!

Sveinbjörn | 11.10.2006 kl. 17:56

Hey there Charlie. Things are going rather well, I think. Based on my initial observations, LSE is looking to be an excellent place to do analytic philosophy. One of the things I've noticed is that there are hardly any English students. I've only run into a handful of students that are actually from Britain. Most people, especially the graduate students, seem to be from either the Continent or Asia (excluding, of course, the occasional American or Canadian).