16.4.2006 kl. 21:48

Ah, courtesy of bash.org:

ZA|Drinking|: I remember in high school, during somebody made 
an off hand remark about wondering why they sacrificed virgins
ZA|Drinking|: And I was all like, they sure as hell ain't going to
give up the ones that put out
ZA|Drinking|: And then I got detention

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Gunni | 17.4.2006 kl. 14:03

Þetta er svooo nördalegt:

can you provide that in wma format?
Only if you can provide an encoder
but it has to be able to run on my Apple IIgs
Wma sucks
you can encode oggs on your Apple IIgs?
No, but if you're going to be an asshole about encoding formats, I'm going to be an asshole about the platform the encoder needs to run on.