22.3.2006 kl. 03:27

Svei mér þá, ég held að ég hafi núna áðan fengið eitt lélegasta nígeríska scam ímeil sem mér hefur nokkru sinni borist. Það var frá britishwinnerslottery_international @hotmail.com og hljóðaði á eftir veg:


Dear Winner,

We are please to announce you as one of the 10 lucky winners in the UK 
LOTTRY draw held on the 20th of JANUARY 2006. All 10 winning addresses  
were randomly selected from a batch of 50,000,000 international emails.Your 
email address emerged alongside 9 others as a category 2 winner in this 
year's Annual UK Lotto Draw.

Consequently,you have therefore been approved for a total pay out of 
1,000,000 pounds (one million pounds) only.The following particulars are 
attached to your lotto payment order:

(i)   winning numbers:  37-13-43-85-67-11
(ii)  email ticket number:  FL754/22/76
(iii) lotto code number:    FL09622UK
(iv)  the file Ref number:  FL/04/736207152/UK

Please contact the underlisted claims officer as soon as possible for the 
immediate release of your winnings:

Mr.Chris Thomas
International Claim Consultant
The UKlotto Company
Tel/: 44-703-184-6332
Fax:  44 -870-068-9337
E-mail: christhomas_financialconsultant@uk2.net
E-mail: christhomasconsultat@myway.com

N.B:Steps to claiming your prize;
1.Please quote your Reference number in all correspondence with the claims 
2.Winners should send to claim officer account detail or address where they 
want their prize paid or sent.
3.Winners must send thier names,address,telephone number and means of 
identification (international passport or drivers licence)to claim officer, via 
email or fax, to process the immediate payment of your prize.

Once again on behalf of all our staff, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

John Doe
Promotions Manager
The UK Lotto company


The FreeLotto Awards is proudly sponsored by the Microsoft  Corporation,
the Intel Group,Toshiba, Dell computers, Mckintosh and a conglomeration 
of other international IT companies.The freelotto
internet draw is held once in a year and is so organized to encourage 
the use of the internet and computers worldwide.We are proud to say 
that over 200 Million Euros are won annually in more than 150 countries

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Takið eftir því að bréfið er undirskrifað John Doe. Hversu heimskt þarf fólk að vera til að kaupa svona lagað? Þetta er sent frá Hotmail adressu, for crying out loud! Ekki hjálpar heldur að þeir eru sponsoraðir af Mckintosh.

Ef þú ætlar að standa í svona scam dóti, þá skaltu í það minnsta gera það vel.

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Steinn | 22.3.2006 kl. 13:50

ég las þetta og ég næ því engan veginn hvað þeir ætla að scama þig um. Venjulega eru þeir með einhverskonar sendu pening hingað og þá færðu fría ferð til tunglsins bull. En hvað er það þarna, að fá faxað blað með ökuskirteini eða vegabréf.

Gunni | 22.3.2006 kl. 15:23

Steinn: Jamm, en treystu mér, þú vilt ekki láta Nígeríska menn fá afrit af vegabréfinu þínu. Slík afrit eru oft notuð í allskonar vafasömum tilgangi.

Sindri | 22.3.2006 kl. 21:35

Þetta er sorglega lélegt. Ég fékk þetta einu sinni sent í pósti:

From: Mr. Ernest Mbendi Nkalla.

Dear, Sir/Madam


You may be surprised to receive this letter from me since you do not know
me personally. The purpose of my introduction is that I am Mr. Ernest
Mbendi NKALLA, the first son of NDLOVU NKALLA, the most popular black
farmer in Zimbabwe who was recently murdered in the land dispute in my
country. I got your contact through network online hence decided
to write you.

Before the death of my father, he had taken me to Johannesburg to deposit
the sum of US12 million (Twelve million United States dollars), in one of
the private security company, as he foresaw the looming danger in
Zimbabwe this money was deposited in a box as gem
stones to avoid much demurrage from security company. This amount was
meant for the purchase of new machines and chemicals for the Farms and
establishment of new farms in Swaziland.

This land problem came when Zimbabwean President Mr. Robert Mugabe
introduced a new Land Act Reform wholly affecting the rich white farmers
and some few black farmers, and this resulted to the killing and mob
action by Zimbabwean war veterans and some lunatics in the society. In
fact a lot of people were killed because of this Land reform Act for which
my father was one of the victims.

It is against this background that, I and my family fled Zimbabwe for
fear of our lives and are currently staying in the (Spain) where we are
seeking political asylum and more so have decided to transfer my father's
money to a more reliable foreign account. since the law of Spain
prohibits a refugee (asylum seeker) to open any bank account or to be
involved in any financial transaction throughout the territorial zone of
Spain, As the eldest son of my father, I am saddled with the
responsibility of seeking a genuine foreign account where this money
could be transferred without the knowledge of my government who are bent
on taking everything we have got. The South African government seems to
be playing
along with them.

I am faced with the dilemma of moving this amount of money out of South
Africa for fear of going through the same experience in future; both
countries have similar political history. As a businessman, I am seeking
for a partner who I have to entrust my future and that of my family in
his hands, I must let you know that this transaction is risk free. If you
accept to assist me and my family, all I want you to do for me, is to
make an arrangements with the security company to clear the consignment
(funds) from their affiliate office here in the Spain as I have already
given directives for the consignment to be brought to the Spain from
South Africa. But before then all modalities will have to be put in place
like change of ownership to the consignment and more importantly this
money I intend to use for investment.

I have two options for you. Firstly you can choose to have certain
percentage of the money for nominating your account for this transaction.
Or you can go into partnership with me for the proper profitable
investment of the money in your country. Whichever the option you want,
feel free to notify me providing your confidential contact phone and fax
numbers so that we can discuss the modalities of this transaction. I have
also mapped out 10% of this money for all kinds of expenses incurred in
the process of this transaction. If you do not prefer a partnership I am
willing to give you 15% of the money while the remaining 75% will be for
my investment in your country. Contact me with the abovewhile I implore
you to maintain the absolute secrecy required in this transaction.


Mr. Ernest Mbendi Nkalla.

Einar Jón | 23.3.2006 kl. 19:04
Einar Jón

"you as one of the 10 lucky winners in the UK LOTTRY draw"

Þaő gerist ekki betra en að vinna í LOTTRY!

Dagur | 25.3.2006 kl. 23:53

Ábyggilega samt meiri líkur á því að vinna í lottry heldur en lottery