21.2.2006 kl. 17:44

Those of you using Mac OS X may be familiar with XFactor, an excellent Peer-2-Peer file sharing program which connects to the FastTrack, OpenFT, Gnutella and Ares P2P networks. Unfortunately, the author of XFactor has released a shitty new version which only connects to the Gnutella network, severely limiting the usefulness of the program. I am thus making the old version available for download here.

However, the Xfactor program will refuse to launch and report that it is expired and direct you to the useless new version. I found a workaround to the problem. Using LittleSnitch to trace the network packets, I discovered that Xfactor calls home from the computer it's running from -- the trick, therefore, must be to block this connection. To continue using the old Xfactor, do the following:

1. Open Terminal.app within the Utilities folder

2. Type the following:

      sudo pico /etc/hosts

   When prompted for your password, type it in and press Enter.

3.  You should now see the contents of the hosts file.  
    Add the following line:       xfactor.cc

4.  Press Ctrl-X and then 'y', and then Enter.  You're done.

After this little modification, the old Xfactor will continue to run without trouble.