10.8.2005 kl. 18:40

Platypus 3.2

Platypus Icon I have just completed the final touches on Platypus, version 3.2. You can grab the zip archive right here.

Version 3.2 sports the following improvements:

  • Editing of environmental variables via an interface pane
  • Platypus apps can now be "loaded" with Platypus, i.e. configuration and script from the app are loaded
  • Python syntax checking
  • Icon can be set to a given .icns file so that smaller representations are not lost
  • Command line tool bug fixed -- it now creates operational applications
  • Command line tool now supports file bundling
  • Info.plists in application bundles now contain LSHasLocalizedDisplayName, NSAppleScript-Enabled,CFBundleDisplayName, NSHumanReadableCopyright
  • English.lproj is en.lproj in accordance with Apple's specifications
  • Sliding animation when advanced options are revealed
  • Fixed two small memory leaks

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Gunni | 11.8.2005 kl. 14:21

This is indeed a great day, not just for whatever the hell function this program fulfills, but for the noble Platypus itself!

Platipii deserve all the recognition they can get in this day and age. Two nights ago I dreamed I was watching two male platypii fighting a fierce battle with their venomous ankle spurs. More disturbing than any punchline I could deliver is this fact: I'm not kidding.

Anyway, congrats, and thanks for the hard work. My Python syntax soarley needed checking, smaller representations of mine were routinely lost with no way to set icons to given .icns files, and the environmental window panes variable editing thing... well, I think we all know what THAT will be good for!


Sveinbjorn | 11.8.2005 kl. 15:35

Well, I'm glad to hear my hard work does not go unappreciated! ;)