4.8.2005 kl. 17:50

From TIME Europe magazine:

"Denmark's campaign in support of the euro argues that joining the common currency makes good economic sense for several reasons: it increases price transparency, cuts transaction costs and eliminates a risk premium that borrowers must pay when they take loans in Danish krone. The no campaigners argue that the country's economy has been doing just fine without the currency, thank you, and that Denmark will come under pressure to dismantle its generous welfare state if it joins."

What the hell do they mean by generous? What kind of misleading, manipulating corruption of meaning and context are we dealing with? Their generous welfare state? Is the welfare state suddently an independent philanthropist or benefactor, handing out doles by lordly decree?

Let us imagine that ten friends agree to pool their resources for a "health fund", which pays out if any of them is struck by illness. Let us furthermore imagine that one of them succumbs to an ailment and calls on the resources of the fund. Is the fund generous if it pays for his treatment? No, it is not. The fund is bloody well obliged to pay up, because that was the original agreement. In the same way, a welfare state isn't bloody well *generous*. It can be extensive or inextensive, existent or non-existent, efficient or inefficient, fair or unfair, but it's never generous.

This is part of the way people are manipulated by slanting words and meanings. In this context, we are to feel thankful if or when we receive this generous treatment, despite the fact that it has been paid for with honest toil and sweat. Are we, then, to go down on our knees in abject thankfulness because we receive the benefits of a social insurance policy paid for with taxes?

I am reminded of the words of Tom Ridge, head of the new Bush-instated Department of Homeland Security:

"Liberty is the most precious gift we offer our citizens."

It's very kind of him and his cronies to offer the people of the United States this magnaminous gift of "liberty". Meanwhile, I'll just go back to enjoying the fact that I live in a "generous" welfare state...

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Magnusson | 5.8.2005 kl. 12:44

As I sit here eating my subway sandwich that was so generously given to me by the benevolent subway corporation in exchange for my cash I can't help but feel they should be kissing my ass... All of it... Regardless of size.

Steinn | 5.8.2005 kl. 18:51

jamm, það er einhver tendansi hjá amerískum tímaritum í evrópu að reyna að sannfæra okkur um að þeirra skoðun og sýn á málum s.s. velferðakerfi, sé rétt, t.a.m. gerir newsweek það með sinni evrópuútgáfu.

Sveinbjorn | 7.8.2005 kl. 15:35

Newsweek er helvítis sorprit. Gleymi því aldrei "back in 98" (eða var það 99) þegar þeir höfðu svona mynd af brennandi húsum og börnum að þjást, og síðan zooomað inn á andlitið á Slobodan Milosevice, og fyrir neðan stóð í stórum stöfum "The Face Of Evil". Talandi um media manipulation...

Í sama blaði var frétt eftir einhvern "lærðan" prófessor talandi um hvernig "the Serbs have always been Europe's outsiders, warlike and vicious."

Sveinbjorn | 7.8.2005 kl. 15:40

Afsakið, mig misminnti. Var að gúgla þessa grein. Hún hét

"Vengeance of a Victim Race" "

og frasinn var

"The Serbs are Europe's outsiders, seasoned haters raised on self-pity."

El Magnate | 8.8.2005 kl. 03:22
Unknown User

``Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reasons for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.''
(1 Peter 3:15-16)

Sveinbjorn | 8.8.2005 kl. 19:32

Hérna er coverið af Newsweek þar sem Milosevic var málaður sem ein illasta mannvera fyrr og síðar. Því miður fann ég ekki stærri cover mynd:

Slobodan Milosevic - The Face Of Evil