6.5.2005 kl. 11:25

Platypus 3.1

Platypus Icon I have just completed the final touches on Platypus, version 3.1. You can grab the tarball right here. At this stage, Platypus is so feature-packed that I am at a loss as to how I can improve it any further. This may quite possibly be the last update to a software project that I have spent countless hours working on in the past two years.

Version 3.1 sports the following improvements/updates:

  • New minimal, non-intrusive built-in text editor for those who prefer working within the confines of a single application
  • It is now possible to set application author name manually
  • Invalid configuration fields now highlight red real-time as you type
  • New Dock menu
  • New "Show Shell Command" menu item to facilitate integration between the Platypus GUI application and its command line equivalent
  • Fixed the bug where "secured and checksummed" Platypus-generated applications failed to function correctly on read-only volumes
  • New option to set default bundle identifier prefix in the Preferences
  • New option to set default author name in the Preferences
  • Profiles now correctly register reverse-DNS-style bundle identifier and author name
  • "Run script in Terminal" command now brings Terminal.app to the front when launching the script
  • Fixed a bug in the command line utility installer (which, incidentally, was created using Platypus)
  • Updated man page for the 'platypus' command line utility counterpart
  • Updated Help documentation detailing major improvements from v. 3.0 onwards
  • More sample scripts, including a drag and drop tar archiver
  • Platypus apps now register their creator in AppSettings.plist
  • Help now opens with default app for http: protocol, not .html suffix. This should eliminate the problem some people have been experiencing with help files opening in their default text editor