Saul Kripke This gentleman is Mr. Saul Kripke, an eminent logician and philosopher. From the very first moment I heard of this man back in 2002, I remember thinking of him as intrinsically evil. Let's just start with the name. Saul. Kripke.

'Saul' was the name of St. Paul before he converted to Christianity. He worked for the Judaic High Priests and persecuted and murdered Christians with great brutality.

Being a rare biblical name, it automatically gets an evil ring, similar to names like "Behemoth", "Cain", "Leviathan" and "Nebuchadnezar". It is also phonetically similar to the word "soul", a dubious metaphysical entity.

As I have already mentioned, 'Saul' was the name of St. Paul, who was no saint by any reasonable (i.e. non-Vatican) standards: a nasty, misogynistic, rebellious, born-again religious fundamentalist who, according to the Dead Sea Scrolls, betrayed James, the brother of Jesus, and spread the whole monotheistic thing to the Roman Empire.

Now, let's move on to 'Kripke'. It immediately suggests a sort of hunchbacked character out for vengeance. This may have something to do with the similarity to the word "cripple". Also, it reminds one of Dr. Crippen, the English doctor who murdered his wife, dismembered her in a particularly grisly fashion, and buried her in the basement.

Based on this etymological study (and on the fact that his theory of identity and reference is in direct contrast to that of Bertrand Russell, the champion of all that is good and pure), I am forced to conclude that Saul Kripke is a Biblio-Philosophical Evil Genius.

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Aðalsteinn | 25.4.2005 kl. 19:46

"about as convincing as Dr. Crippens defence lawyer"

Gott að fá loksins að heyra einhver deili á Dr. Crippen.

Sveinbjörn | 25.4.2005 kl. 20:03

Já, þetta var mjög frægt mál á sínum tíma. Sjá">þessa síðu.

Þórdís | 25.4.2005 kl. 21:38

Ætti það ekki að vera að biblico-philosophical?

Ágætis kenning samt, þótt Kripke kallinn sé víst meira bara crazy en beinlínis evil.

Sveinbjörn | 25.4.2005 kl. 21:47

Hmm...."> gefur niðurstöður fyrir 'bibliological' en ekki 'biblicological'. Held að þetta sé rétt hjá mér...

Grímur | 26.4.2005 kl. 11:34

Gengur illa með ritgerðina? :)