21.4.2005 kl. 01:12

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Sindri | 21.4.2005 kl. 14:12

Heyrðu þú mátt uppfæra myndina af mér. Þetta er einhver gömul ljót mynd! hehe. Ég vil ekki pósta undir þessu.

Sveinbjörn | 21.4.2005 kl. 17:30

Sentu mér þá einhverja 46x46 pixla mynd í staðinn.

Sindri | 21.4.2005 kl. 17:35

Notaðu bara myndina sem ég er með hjá mér. Bara "Save Image"

Anonymous Coward | 26.4.2005 kl. 07:12
Anonymous Coward

Low blows. Look - all consitutions are ultimately destructive...as they evolve absolutes, have no conscience and only as much flexibility as the people they govern. Yet, the amendment stands as it is...and remains a part of our rights. Should we govern who has the right to own a fire arm, yes and we (the American government) already does. Impose stiffer restrictions - sure. However, take away the right to own a gun and you take away (what is to many people in America) the right to self-protection. WHICH (along with recreation) IS WHAT MOST AMERICANS USE THEM FOR. The overwhelming majority of US citizens don't purchase guns to kill other humans, and those weapons are overwhelmingly not used for that intent. Those who want to kill someone, will kill someone. Those who want to rob/steal will do so. Regardless of weapons. The instrument will not change the intent of the people. And most people are good, law abiding citizens. We will always worry about those who are not, yet that problem will NOT be solved by removing the right to bear arms. Not even a dent.

Anonymous Coward | 26.4.2005 kl. 07:13
Anonymous Coward

Sigh. Most of you are Europeans. Well, this is an American perspective (by a barely adult citizen). Sorry-!

Aðalsteinn | 26.4.2005 kl. 21:22

Overlooking the (apparently not too obvious) fact that the whole thing is a joke, are you telling us that it's just as easy for a person to shoot someone as it is to stab or garrotte him?

Do you think a couple of puny nerds would be able to kill 16 people in a school equipped with a kitchen knife and perhaps a garrot?

Magnusson | 26.4.2005 kl. 22:29

You'd be amazed at the amount of destruction I can inflict on my fellow men armed only with a basting brush and a large carrot.

Gunni | 27.4.2005 kl. 11:20

If my time doesn't come soon I may just storm parliament with some automatic weapons.