5.4.2005 kl. 16:54

" We must kill them. We must incinerate them. Pig after pig, cow after cow, village after village, army after army. And they call me an assassin. What do you call it when the assassins accuse the assassin?"

After a long and valiant battle against the London Therapy Massage XXX Spam Bot, I have devised a new tactic: brains instead of brawn. I shall no longer suffer his intolerable spam powers, blatant URL-pushing and search-engine promotion. I shall deal the death blow to his insidious, corrupting influence. Yes, I now have a comments password.

The new password to post comments is white, the same password I use to prevent evil image-crawling bots from accessing my photo archive. For those of you with slippery memories, I have placed a notice by the "Add Comment" form reminding you of this fact. Happy commenting...

Oh, by the way -- no more fucking URL promotion for you, Mr. Spam Bot. I now filter out all comments containing Uniform Resource Locators.

Bot Scumfuck

And the Mentat triumphs once again...

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Aðalsteinn | 5.4.2005 kl. 23:04

Var þetta dót að leggja þig sérstaklega í einelti?

Steinn | 6.4.2005 kl. 08:41

Kill the robot, kill the robot, kill the robot, kill the robot!

Arnaldur | 6.4.2005 kl. 12:51

"When we discovered that the killbots had a built in kill limit, I just sent waves after waves of our own men until the robots reached their limit."

Sveinbjörn | 6.4.2005 kl. 19:03

"Yes, my plan is so simple that an idiot could have devised it! All our ships fly directly into the Alien Death Cannon, clogging it with wreckage."

Magnusson | 6.4.2005 kl. 23:39

"When I'm in command, every mission's a suicide mission!"

Anonymous Coward | 12.4.2005 kl. 13:25
Anonymous Coward

"We don't know anything about their race, history, or culture, but one thing's for sure. They stand for everything we stand against."