30.11.2004 kl. 00:53
Platypus 2.8 is out, with all the bells and whistles. For recent updates and changes, check out the version log.

Anyhow, I turned in my paper today. It was entitled Perception vs. Reality: A Matter of Consensus. It wasn't very good, so I don't see it fit to be put online, but the position I took was fundamentally sound: that the difference between a delusion (or illusion) and a 'veridical' sense-experience is fundamentally one of acquiring consent from others that the given experience is a correct representation of 'reality'. Thus, outside his social context, the solitary man becomes the ultimate arbiter of what is real and what is not (while certain standards, such as reproducibility and predictive accuracy might, of course, prove more efficient in terms of survival).

The most unlikely thing happened this weekend. I was out in the shelter smoking a cigarette and I got into a discussion with this Canadian girl, and it turned out that she had been an exchange student for a year in Copenhagen, Denmark, and spoke fluent "Københavner-dansk". I had a chat with her in Danish ("Hold da kæft! Det er sgu utroligt!"). To think, the chances of running into someone who speaks Danish around here must be very small indeed.

Also, see this article in the Guardian: The ignorant, racist, prejudiced, right-wing Christian, inbred redneck fucks in Alabama have refused to strike a school-segregation passage from the state constitution.