24.11.2004 kl. 06:42
It's November the 24th, and a month to go until Christmas. Interestingly enough, Christmas was a heathen Germanic festival ("Yule"), but a church council of some sort decided to make it "the birthday of Jesus Christ" in order that Christianity might fit better in with existing folk traditions. Historians actually believe that Jesus, the historical character, was born at some point in late January or early February. Christmas decorations have been up here in Guelph since late October.

To think, out of roughly 40 people in Watson Hall (three quarters whom are girls), there are three out-of-the-closet lesbians. One of them has a "boyfriend", i.e. a girl who has undergone the whole sex-change thing (i.e. breast removal etc.). I met "him" yesterday...and he's just like a regular guy except for the voice, which of course doesn't have the male timbre.