12.11.2004 kl. 00:51
I've put together a new release of osxutils, my collection of Mac meta-data manipulation tools -- this is release 1.5. It has some new tools:

getfcomment: prints out the Desktop Database "Comment" meta-data of files.

rcmac: descends into directory structures and lists all files in the style of 'lsmac'

In addition to these new tools, there have been some updates to the existing ones. mkalias can now be set to create relative aliases, and some of the man pages have been revamped. The next release will have some juicy extras -- I'm thinking of creating a tool called hfsdata, which allows the querying of any HFS+ attribute of a file, including label, file and creator, flags, comments etc.

In other news, I'm working on my own terminal client. I'm sick and tired of the horrible shortcomings of the clients I've used so far, in terms of user interface and features. I like the cold ascetic austerity of full-screen command line interfaces, so I've adapted CocoaTech's TerminalView NSView subclass, and with a bit of tweaking I'll soon have something akin to what I want.

And yes, I was bored today.