Election Polls - Demographic Breakdown.

A detailed examination of these statistics revealed the following:

The typical Bush voter is an old, married white, gun-owning conservative Protestant with medium-to-high income and no college degree who furthermore attends church at least once a week and lives in a rural community. This person is very concerned with terrorism and believes that most important attributes for a President is that he be religious and have strong moral values. He thinks that abortion should be banned, approves of the war in Iraq, and disapproves of same-sex marriage.

Sounds like your average bigoted southern hick, doesn't it?

The typical Kerry voter, on the other hand, is a poor, young, unmarried black college-graduate union-member with low income who never attends a place of worship. Furthermore, this person believes that most important issues are education, the economy, and Iraq and thinks the most important attributes in a leader are intelligence, caring about people and a will to bring about change.

Seems like we have quite a dichotomy here...