18.10.2004 kl. 04:58
Back from my visit to Toronto. I had a great time, hit the bars and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Toronto is a pleasant city, relatively crime-free and very lively. I passed the grounds of the University of Toronto, which were impressive. The outstanding incident of the evening, however, was our encounter with the street person depicted below:

We stopped and chatted with this fellow for a while. Apparently my companions, Mark and Mike, both from Columbia, had seen him on that very street corner several times before. He was stationed outside a strip club and was pestering the wealthy clientele for money as they came out of their limousines. The guy certainly had the attitude and the heart in the right place, not to mention a humor for his situation. He explained to us that he was 59 years old and had been on the streets for 10 years. Apparently he'd had money once, and had been an automobile enthusiast. Then he'd speculated in some businesses, lost all his money and thrown into great debt. He chose to work the street instead of getting a job because his wages were garnished. A stunning 40% would go straight to his creditors. "They're never, ever getting those 240 thousand dollars from me" he said proudly and told us he'd rather sleep in a dumpster than give those pigs a dime.

Damn straight, that's the spirit!