10.10.2004 kl. 22:07
It's now Thanksgiving here and I'm all alone in Watson Hall, so to speak. Had a rather unpleasant dream last night. I was a political prisoner in a Russian Gulag camp. It was cold and miserable, and I had to slave in some mines. Altogether horrid. I remember that there was an old couple, man and wife, who had been imprisoned there because they were very thrifty, and the current agenda of the Soviet government was to encourage spending to boost the economy. Only a few weeks of the Gulag had made them pale, gray, "unalive" creatures.

No doubt Freud would have some very interesting things to say about that, most of them complete rubbish, of course. Dreams are interesting though. I can't say this one has been inspired by recent events. I haven't been reading Solzhenitsyn or anything. Maybe it's the oncoming cold here. They still haven't turned on the central heating in Watson Hall so the nights can get a bit chilly.

I think my Thanksgiving dinner will be some sushi. Hardly fitting the occasion, but I don't really care much for turkey.