20.9.2004 kl. 16:03
I've had it with philosophy! This stuff is useless and getting me nowhere. I have decided to change to business administration and learn something useful for a change!

Hah! Got you there, didn't I? I'm only joking, of course. The truth of the matter is that I am in fine spirits and very much enjoying the courses I'm taking, with the notable exception of the course "The Philosophical Problems of Religion", which might be more aptly named "The Neverending Series of Logically Invalid Proofs for the Existence of God". I gives me great pleasure to pick on religious people and their ridiculous, superstitious nonsense. I signed up for the course under the maxim "Know thy enemy", but this stuff is really more nonsense than anyone should have to tolerate, even in a philosophy class. Here's one of the proofs we were doing today -- St. Anselm's ontological argument:

God is a perfect being, the greatest of all beings

If God were lacking the attribute of existing, he would be inferior to all beings that existed and therefore not greater than all beings.

Hence, God must exist.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you have just been submitted to what is basically the most powerful argument the Christians could come up with for the existence of God. Awful, isn't it? Can you tell where the logical fallacy is?

As any modern logician can tell you, existence is not an attribute of things. They either exist or they don't -- however, assigning an attribute to something already postulates its existence. Thus the conclusion of this argument is granted by the first premise.

It is also interesting to note that the book I'm reading for this highly academic and rigorous course contains a transcript of the famous BBC debate between F. Copleston, the Jesuit scholar, and Bertrand Russell. The professor for the course had the gall to proclaim that the argument "got them nowhere", when it is self-evident to anyone remotely endowed with rudimentary powers of reasoning that Russell systematically tears to pieces every piece of metaphysical Platonic nonsense expounded by the Catholic. Good Lord, I despise Christians!. Hah!

That's it for now.