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Welcome to sveinbjorn.org, the personal website of me, Sveinbjorn Thordarson. For more information on who I am and what I do, you can read my curriculum vitae.

This website mostly serves as my personal blog and as a vehicle for my writings on various topics. I also use it to distribute my open-source software.

Web Standards

This website, both HTML and CSS, is fully compliant with W3C standards and was created from scratch using a plain text editor. It is best viewed in any modern, standards-compliant web browser (i.e. !IE). It even looks great in Lynx and other text-only browsers.

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This website is also highly optimized when it comes to loading performance, scoring a perfect rating in YSlow. The basic frame of the website -- i.e. HTML, CSS and images -- is less than 12KB, and is served with mod_deflate and inline Data URL CSS images, for a total of 6,820 bytes. This loads in just over a second on an ancient 56k modem, and very fast indeed on a modern broadband connection. [scratch that, now using embedded webfont, which ups the size by another 50k]

Content Management

In this day and age, nobody serves static HTML any more, and I am no exception. This website runs on a dynamic Perl-based content management system designed and programmed by myself many years ago. It is called Mentat and it is used to operate a number of other websites. Mentat is simple, but very fast and bloat-free.

Mentat Website

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All content on this website is protected by international copyright law, unless otherwise specified. I am often willing to have content republished or reused elsewhere, but you must ask permission beforehand.

Material that I have explicitly placed in the public domain or released under a free license is of course available to all without my approval.

RSS Feeds

The blog entries on this website -- mostly in Icelandic -- are available as an RSS 2.0 newsfeed. The comments on entries are available in a separate feed.

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Please do not hotlink the files contained on this webserver, e.g. by including an image hosted here in any external HTML. Hotlinking is not only a breach of "netiquette": It is bandwidth theft and will be blocked with extreme prejudice.


This website is hosted on arakkis, a private server in Reykjavík, Iceland. The hardware behind the site is a 1.42 Ghz 32-bit PowerPC G4 Apple Mac Mini running the Debian operating system and the excellent Apache webserver. This machine has dutifully and noiselessly served my website since early 2005.

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If you wish to contact me, you can use this page or, alternately, send me e-mail at the following address: