aalib precompiled for Mac OS X

UPDATE May 2009: All of this is out of date -- PPC only etc.. Don't waste your time here, just use Fink.

I stumbled on to the cool aalib project when I was checking out a Knoppix boot CD the other day. They included the 'bb' demo demonstrating the power of aalib and I decided that I just had to get this stuff running on Mac OS X.

I tried searching for a precompiled version for Mac OS X, but the closest was getting it through Fink or DarwinPorts, which I don't use. I therefore decided to compile it myself, which I succeeded in doing despite some compilation issues. You can download aalib for Mac OS X by clicking the link below:

aalib-1.4.0 package installer

This package installer is a standard aalib install (including header file) minus library function man pages. It also installs the 'bb' demo, which is seriously cool and is testament to how nifty the command line can be.

To get good performance with aalib, you should use GLTerm. The Apple-provided Terminal.app client is kind of slow.